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    @hiddentreasure69 Hi Deborah,
    So far I’m not doing very well in crowd funding yet, but I am going to change that.
    I have a lot of leads, and I am going to start calling this week and get the word out. This is working good for a lot of people, and it will work for us too. Don’t give up, just keep working and giving your link to as many people you can find. Tell them to watch the 13 minute video that explains everything.
    Have a Great Day.
    Claude the hywayman

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    • Thank you for the response. Sorry for the late reply…I’ve been locked out of the site all this time and finally heard from my sponsor, but haven’t heard anything else from him. But I want to push forward! I just need to get into and caught up with the training. Prayerfully I will be able to maintain access to the site now. I still don’t know why I was locked out…
        • Hi Deborah,
          Glad you are able to get into your back office again. I believe it too, if we keep
          going forward the Blessings will come.

            • Hello it’s me again. I sent some friends my replicated site address, unfortunately the intro video was not attached so they saw nothing. How do I send the intro video please or can you point me in the direction of videotraining? Thanks for the help.
              “We are a blessing, going somewhere to happen!”
                • Hi Deborah,
                  I haven’t tried watching the video lately. If you click on your link and it doesn’t open to the website, you might need to call Charles and have him check it out. His number is 248-678-5123.
            • Great advice hywayman.